Mens Beret

If you"re looking for a stylish and distinctive piece of headwear to accessorise your outfit, then the beret is perfect for you. Our range of high quality men"s and women"s berets come in a range of style and sizes from top designers and brands for excellent value.

Originally from the Basque region where it was worn by shepherds, the beret was later assumed by artists rebelling against the status quo in the 19th century, quickly becoming a fashion staple. Eminently practical (why do you think militaries around the world favour it?), the truly great thing about the beret is that it can be worn exactly how you want. Give it a sharp angle and a slope to the left for the military look, sleek it back for a cool urban style, or let it flop any old which way for a bit of fun, it"s up to you!

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